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Volunteer Sign Up begins 7:00PM on Thursday May 30th

At 7:00 pm on Thursday, families will be able to sign up for volunteer shifts. You will need to login in order to access each event’s jobs. Please review the attached tutorial on how to sign up for volunteer shifts. The sign-up window will close at 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 2. At that time, any families requiring additional points to meet their family obligation will be assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator.

4 Total Points Required:

In general, families with at least one swimmer on the competitive team must commit to volunteering for a total of 4 points. To ensure that we have coverage for the second half of the meet, we are still asking for all families to sign up for at least one second-half shift.

However, this year we have added the following exceptions:

Families that consist of ONLY 8 and under swimmers, are not required to work a second half shift

Please note that those families eligible for the exception are still required to earn 4 points. This is applicable only while there are first half shifts available.

Certified Officials are only required to work 3 shifts.

In appreciation and acknowledgment of all that you do in and outside of the meets to become certified, you are only required to work 3 shifts per season. I know in some situations where we are short on certified replacements, this was not feasible to honor. However, we are in the process of training additional volunteers, and actively recruiting in other areas. Thank you again for your commitment and patience as we try to find coverage for those that may have to work more than the required 3 shifts.

Pre-Team ONLY Families:

Families of pre-team only swimmers are not required to volunteer until you have a swimmer approved to move up to our competitive team. The number of volunteer points required will depend on the time in the season that this occurs. Based on the number of current pre-team only families, I have reserved several “new family” friendly jobs throughout the season in anticipation of our little ones moving up to ease that transition for you.

Meet Clean Up Crew (2019 UPDATED JOB)

In years past we asked that all parents participate in cleaning up after one of the three home meets. Due to low participation, and the challenge this presents to families with young swimmers, we have decided to try something new this year. We are looking for 4 families to volunteer to assist our lifeguards in returning our pool to its pre-meet state. Those that volunteer for all of the three home meets will get their fourth point free.

Meet Set Up Crew (2019 NEW JOB)

With the change in vendors, this year's Lifeguards are responsible for clearing the deck of tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc. After our post-season review, it was noted that (even with limited assistance from the guards) we over-estimated the number of volunteers needed to do the job.

Based on the above, we have reduced the number of volunteers needed for the 2019 season. In addition, we ask that families who would like to work set up, pick only one of the three home meets to sign up. Since this is one of the only jobs that occurs outside of the actual meet, along with a reduction in the number of spots open, we want to make sure more families have the option of working this coveted role.

Volunteer Reserve (2019 UPDATED JOB)

This year we ask that families only sign up for one shift as a volunteer reserve. Please note that you will be awarded the 1 point for your shift regardless of whether you are asked to work or not. All volunteer reserves must remain at the pool for their entire shift.

Volunteer Subs - Families wishing to hire College kids, or any adults not affiliated with CRR to work volunteer shifts

For the 2019 season, any substitutes that are being paid by families to work their shifts, must be pre-approved by the Volunteer Coordinator. Substitutes must be age 18 or over.

In the event a substitute volunteer hasn’t been approved, the following steps will be taken by the CRR Board:

Substitute may be placed at another job than what was signed up for.

Substitute may be sent home if we are unable to place substitute in an approved position. We will consider this a no-show and a fee of up to $75 dollars will be assessed.

Please note that we understand that circumstances may exist that require families to rely on recruiting substitutes and will work with each individual family to ensure that your points are accounted for. The new rules are a result of multiple issues that occurred last season, where HS/College/Non-Family volunteers were signed up for jobs with no prior experience attending, participating, or working at a swim meet.

Bottom Line: If you plan to have someone who is not a registered CRR parent or guardian - you will need to contact Kim Poulton, Volunteer Coordinator, to obtain approval and job assignments.

Volunteer Check-In (2nd Shift Volunteers):

All 2nd shift volunteers will be required to check in with the Volunteer Coordinator before heading to their post. This applies to all volunteers, regardless of whether you checked in before the meet and have received your name tag. We are taking these additional measures to ensure that our transition to second half workers occurs in a smooth and timely manner. The location of second shift check in will be announced before each meet. If you are a volunteer reserve for second half, you will need to remain at check in until all jobs are accounted for.     

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