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New Family Volunteer Jobs - UPDATED!

Welcome, New Church Run Rocket Families!

We are so excited that you are sharing your summer with us! As a volunteer-run organization, we rely on parent volunteers to help make meets and events happen. All meet and event jobs have a point value attached to them, and most jobs are worth one point. Your family is required to have four volunteer points per season, and at least one point must be for a second-half shift during a swim meet. Please note that you will likely want to have another parent or friend keep track of your swimmer(s) while you are volunteering.

Here are some good volunteer jobs for new families:

(All first-half positions start at the beginning of the meet, 6pm, unless otherwise noted. Second-half positions start in the middle of Event 27, usually around 8:15 pm, and last until the end of the meet)


The Lollipop parent watches each heat and gives a lollipop to the heat winner when they exit the pool. Lollipops are obtained from the Snack Bar. This position must be in place at 5:50 p.m.


Ribbon Writers place preprinted labels on the appropriate ribbons based on the results obtained from the Computer Rep. Ribbons are then filed alphabetically in the team’s ribbon boxes. Ribbon writers start at 7:00 and work through 9:30    **It is recommended that new families only volunteer for ribbon writer for the 1st half of the meet.**


This runner reports to the Computer Rep at 5:30. The Runner distributes Lane/ Timer Sheets and Meet Programs to the appropriate Officials around the pool deck as directed by the Computer Rep. The Runner then reports to the Referee's Table (by the Starter) at 5:45. The Runner picks up the Lane/Timer Sheets from the Timers after every two events. The Runner checks for initials and takes the sheets to the table workers. The Runner also collects any DQ cards from the S&T Judge at the starting block end of the pool and takes them to the Referee for signature. The Runner collects all DQ cards from the Referee and takes them to the table workers.


The Referee Runner reports to the Referee's Table (by the Starter) at 5:45. The Referee Runner picks up DQ cards from the S&T Judges around the remainder of the deck. After checking for initials, the Referee Runner takes them to the Referee for his/her signature. Either the Referee or the Referee Runner hands all DQ cards to the Timer Runner who takes them to the table workers.

MEET SET-UP CREW  (1 point )

Please note that this job has been updated for 2019. To allow more families to have an opportunity to take advantage of one of the few jobs that occur prior to the start of the meet - we are asking families to select only one meet up session for the 2019 season. In addition, this year our Lifeguards will be responsible for the majority of removing pool furniture, (chairs, umbrellas, tables, umbrella stands, etc.), so we have reduced the number of volunteers needed.

Meet Set-up Volunteers will arrive at 3:00 PM and report to the Meet Director. You will be provided with a pool map and checklist of items to be completed. For example, volunteers will assist in roping off the deck for the officials, placing chairs behind the starting block, hanging results boards, setting up seating for home and away teams, setting up the clerk of course area, removing pool ladders, caution taping deep end ladders and diving boards, etc. Meet set up will include setting up the Snack Bar area this year. You will work with the snack bar manager to ensure that all tents, tables, umbrellas, coolers, grills, etc. are in place.

The Set Up Crew is finished when the deck is ready, usually about 5:15. Tasks for all Set Up Crew include carrying tables and heavy furniture, moving heavy coolers, etc. It is critical to be on time for this job and be able to lift heavy items.

A sign in for volunteers will be posted on the CRR Bulletin board (if you are facing the lifeguard stand you will find it to the right of the restrooms. Please make sure you sign in so you will receive your point for the job. If you have switched with someone, but your name is not reflected - please draw a line through the person you are working for and provide your first and last name.

TABLE WORKER (1 point)

The table workers are supervised by the HEAD TABLE WORKER, which is a trained position. The first half table workers start at 6:00 and are responsible for preparing the Lane/Timer Sheets for data entry. They review the times on the sheets and write the "middle times" so the data entry person can key it in the computer.

TIMER (1 point )

CRR must provide 9 timers for each half of each swim meet. First half timers report at 5:30. The Recording Timer on each lane will have a clipboard with the list of swimmers for each heat that will swim in that lane only. The Recording Timer asks the swimmer his/her name. The three Timers time the swimmer and the Recording Timer records the three times on the Lane/Timer Sheet. After every event, the Recording Timer initials the sheet. After every 2 events, the Timer Runner picks up the Lane/Timer Sheet from each lane and takes it to the table workers.

If you have never timed at a swim meet before or need a refresher, please review the following training document prior to the meet you are scheduled to work.   

In addition, please attend the timer's meeting which is usually held around 5:50.  The announcer will notify timers before the meeting begins.

Grill Night Griller-  (1 point )

Will report at 4:15 and works until the end of clean up after the last meals are served. This person works with the grills to provide food for Grill Night.

Grill Night Worker- (1 point )

Reports at 4:15 and works until the end of clean up after the last meals are served. Grill Night workers sell food and drinks to customers under the direction of the Grill Night Manager.

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